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*Please read all the text below before contacting me with any questions*

Disclaimer: These pins are fantasy pins and not officially licensed Disney merchandise. They are not tradeable with Cast Members or in the Parks. 

PIN GRADING SYSTEM - Updated as of 25 March 2017


Pin Quality Grading Scale was created by the shop owner of Faux Fox Studio (fauxfoxstudio.storenvy.com and @fauxfoxstudio on instragram).

COLLECTOR'S GRADE: Best for pin board collectors! Guaranteed free of air bubbles, stray paint/glitter specs, metal plating defects (excluding backs) and low-fill or gouged enamel."

STANDARD GRADE: Meant to be worn! Free of major defects but *may* exhibit minor imperfections of the type mentioned above. Standard orders may be filled as collector's grade but are not guaranteed as such.

SECONDS - B/C GRADE: For Budget collectors. Multiple or major defects of the types mentioned above, or: peeling enamel, missing enamel, or other unexpected problems.

Any order placed as a PRE-ORDER will be guaranteed as Standard or Collector Grade. Thereafter, all collector grade and d grade pins will be placed in one pile and sold as a regular purchase. Defective pins will be sold as "seconds" (or C) grade .

During a Seconds Sale, the defective pins will be put into categories such as "B-Grade" or "C-Grade." This will only occur if the quality drastically differs between a pile of pins.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. This especially applies to presold goods. Proofs/pictures are provided and quality standards are clearly stated above. By purchasing from my shop you agree to these terms. Refunds/replacements will be considered on a case-by-case basis only in the events that the pins received are irreparably damaged during shipping or lost in transit. 


According to the USPS shipping guidelines as of 1 Jan 2018: Shipping is $5 US/$15 International (up to 3oz) which INCLUDES $2 Paypal protection. This means all your purchases are paid as goods. I will not accept payments as friends/family. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Unfortunately USPS is cracking down on sending merchandise via the First Class Mail label making it really expensive to send overseas. It may help to band together with other interested buyers in your country/region to share the shipping cost from USA.

Combined shipping for additional pins is $0.50 per pin and is automatically calculated in your total.

International buyers are responsible for ALL IMPORT TAX FEES.


Pre-orders are shipped as soon as they are in stock. This can take anywhere between 3-5 weeks. This may take longer if there are multiple corrections to be made or unforseen circumstances. Some delays do occur in the process of ensuring design quality. Please check @fandom.manor on Instagram for updates on the pin statuses. All pins in stock have a 1-3 day processing time. Thank you for your patience.


If an item is not listed on my website, it is either sold out or not in hand yet. Please check @fandom.manor on Instagram for pin release announcements